▷❤️Best restaurants in Delhi In 2021

Whether you are on a vacation or on a business trip, the best restaurants in Delhi ensure you never have to miss a mouth watering dish. From South India, the most famous restaurants in Delhi include Aashirwa (North), Azad Maidans (South) and Yamla (East). While street food is always the go-to choice for visitors visiting the heart of India, that does not mean that Delhi does not have its share of fine dining options. While sticking to old-age traditions, restaurants in Delhi continue to reinvent themselves, creating a wonderful melting pot of new flavors and cuisines.

Whether it is an elegant Indian cuisine or a spicy South Indian one, or even a Chinese inspired dinning experience, the best restaurants in Delhi satisfy the appetite and satisfies the pocket. As was the case with the city’s earlier culinary soul, the city has a thriving bazaar. Bazaar selling a variety of handicrafts, textiles, metal wares and a wide range of other merchandise is also found in the old parts of the city. The rising popularity of these bazaars has made Delhi the hub for a variety of hand-made spices, fabrics, accessories and jewellery. Along with the large number of restaurants and cafes in Delhi, a large number of hotels too are opting for luxury accommodation in Delhi, which offers the best of luxury to make your trip to the country unforgettable. The best restaurants in Delhi can be found dotted on the outskirts of the city and can be found along major transport routes.

If you are looking for some of the best restaurants in Delhi, head out from your hotel and make a beeline for the roadside eateries that have emerged as the most happening part of Delhi tourism. Most of these eateries are located at the fringe of Delhi’s central region. You will be able to find varieties of cuisines ranging from spiciest Chinese cuisines to luscious Italian cuisines and Middle Eastern delicacies. Besides the main course dishes, most of these restaurants prepare desserts that are best served with fresh fruits.

For those who want to check out the best restaurants in Delhi that give a distinct Indian accent, head out to Rajasthan. Rich in heritage and culture, Rajasthan has a unique charisma that can leave one spellbound. Although renowned for its palaces and forts, the state boasts of several monuments that further add to its royal grandeur. Some of the popular Indian accent foods include Samosas, Kebabs and Tandoori Chicken. There are several other delicacies from the state that can leave a strong Indian impression on the palate such as the Pickle and Pachadi Prawns.

Dining at The Indian Kitchen in New Delhi’s Prithviraj Road, you would be dining in a restaurant that serves food from all corners of India. This eclectic collection of Indian dishes makes it a perfect choice to get cultural satisfaction from every angle. From South Indian curries to Middle Eastern kebabs, everything here can satisfy your palate. Apart from the curries and the biryanis, the restaurant also serves delicious Mediterranean dishes, Moroccan meals and even Chinese and Thai delicacies. It has an extensive collection of meat and fish dishes too.

Another option for getting a taste of Indian culture in Delhi is Paranthe Wali Gali. It is nestled at Rambagh Gardens, right in the heart of the capital city. This eatery, synonymous with serving the best Indian dishes, was recently shortlisted for the esteemed “Indian Restaurants” category along with five others from the same category. Serving mostly vegetarian food, the food is mildly spiced and the taste is rich and creamy. Moreover, the dishes here are accompanied by a variety of beverages, from plain mineral water to spicy ones.

Neel Bagh is another great example of a fine dining restaurant that offers delicious food from all over the country. It has a fantastic array of various types of cuisine, from south Indian delicacies to West Indian favorites. Be it the coconut chicken or the marinated lamb, you would certainly love what Neel Bagh has on offer. Neel Bagh is also known for its wide range of snacks and desserts that are sure to tantalize your palate. Neel Bagh is a popular favourite among tourists who frequent the restaurant.

If we talk about best restaurant in Delhi, then there is no contest left. No other restaurant will come close to topping Taj Palace in terms of both quality and variety. You can dine at the Royal Suite, a fine dining restaurant that overlooks the Yamuna. The restaurant has an authentic setting that will surely please you. On a bright summer day, you can sally down to the banks of the Yamuna to cool yourself with some cool water from the tap. The exquisite range of desserts and samosas served in this restaurant will guarantee that your mouth is watering from the minute you order your plate.